Enisala Fortress

Enisala – 17 km away of Jurilovca City – There was found the traces of some Thracian-Getic and Getic settlements.
Troesmis Fortification – 3 km aways of Turcoaia Village – Thracian-Getic citadel mentioned in 3rd century B.C. with the ocassion of military dispute between Lysimach and Dromichaetes.
Novidunum Fortress – Issacea City – Roman-Byzantine citadel with Celtic name, built in 369 B.C.
Arrubium Fortress – Macin City – settlement with Celtic name, documentary attested in 100 A.D.
Dinogetia Citadel – Garvan Village – the name was first mentioned by Ptolemy in his famous work “Geographia”.
Tulcea City – Even it is a developed industrial center, Tulcea has many parks with rich flora giving it an elegant promenade. The most important routes are in Danube Delta, a kingdom of water and floating islands, a paradise for fishermen and hunters, a paradise for birds and flora with an unique landscape. Tulcea is surnamed as The Gate of Danube Delta.
Danube Delta – In this sanctuary of nature which has lakes, floating islands of cane, “woodlands” of cane and woodlands of willow, there is the paradise of migratory birds coming from entire Europe and other continents. There are over 300 species of birds, of which 176 are nesting in Danube Delta and 184 are protected by Berne Convention.
Ancient Citadel of Old Chilia – it was there since ancient Greek, and then it was ruled by the Byzantines until 10th century.
Byzantine Fortress Salsovia – Mahmudia City – 3rd century A.D.
Rosca – Buhaiova – it is a fauna reserve situated in Matita Basin and it has a surface of 15.400 ha. Every spring there is nesting the biggest pelican colony from Europe.
Perisor – Zatoane – it is a fauna reserve situated in the East of Dranov Basin. Over a surface of 14.200 ha, there are nesting the most swans, but also the Dalmatian pelican and the cormorant.
Letea Forest – it is a forest reserve situated on Letea Hill. It is characterized by the abundence of climbing plants which are coiling on trees, giving the aspect of a tropical forest.
Basilica of Niculitel – it is the oldest construction ever built in our country; unique architecture in Europe.
Cocos Monastery – it was built in Turkish – Oriental style, but with strong influences from Romanian architecure. It has a museum of medieval and modern art which includes colections of old books and icons.
The Mosque of Ali-Gaza Pasha – Babadag City – it is the oldest monument of Muslim architecture from Romania (17th century). It has a minaret which has a height of 23 meters.